What Is Expert Care?

All care services offered through Bonding with Baby Inc. are provided by a Registered Nurse (RN).

RNs are one of the thirty listed health professional designations that exist under the Health Professions Act of Alberta. (See pages 7-8 of the link for a list of health professionals designated under the act).

The title “Registered Nurse” is a protected title. This means that whoever calls themselves a Registered Nurse must adhere to the quailty and standards of their professional designation under the act and must belong to a professional college and association. To call yourself any of the health professional desginations under the act when you are not, is against the law.

Not any profession can become a protected health discipline under this act, it requires rigorous governmental review and approval.


  • Require annual registration and permits.
  • Are responsible and accountable for all the care they provide under the act; as permitted by their college and association.
  • Perform restricted activities that are within their scope of practice.
  • Scope of practice must be approved prior to being performed for any activity. This includes employment by health authories and self-employment practices.
  • Have specific Code of Ethics to abide by.
  • Must adhere to Standards of Practice.
  • Must submit annual proof of learning completed throughout the year to maintain continuing competency. Learning plans are detailed accounts of learning activities and self-reflection of those activities in short essay format. This is a requirement for every RN in Alberta.